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    I'm a gps noob, and I saw the Earthmate in the compusa ad today for only $90. What are the advantages/disadvantages to the earthmate. I heard it has some trouble with certain software. How fast does this gps lock?
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    I'm happy with mine, actually I have two and i dont see any difference in either one. I wouldn't be surprised if they all dont have the exact same ic in them.

    There are differences in s/w tho.
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      went through two earthmates, first one was stolen, second one seems to have crapped out, not powering on. Thought it was because of loose connection, busted open cable and one of the connections was loose, resecured it, and taped things back up, powers on now, but computer doesn't recognize it anymore. Oh well, they are good units, I'd suggest painting it to match your car as the yellow stands out like a big "Steal Me" sign. Just placed an order for a Deluo unit, serial connection, because I'm sick of the USB2serial driver issues. Also went with the Deluo over a third earthmate because of the flexibility for connecting to different devices.
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        never had any problems with my reciever in over 12,000 miles of use between two cars since i bought it when passing by t delorme store in maine... The software is irritating sometimes, but all and all not bad once you get the hang of using it.
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