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Copilot Laptop 7 and Canada

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  • Copilot Laptop 7 and Canada

    I been playing with Copilot for about a day now and it the works OK for planning trip with the US, but if I try to plan a trip from Queens, NY to Toronto, Canada, i have trouble finding address in Copilot. It doesn't look like the Canada maps are as detailed as the US maps. Is there anyone on this forum that's have better luck with copilot in Canada, please tell me know what I'm doing wrong?

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    There is an addon package for Canada maps for copilot 7.. Costs about $40-$50.
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      Can someone tell me how detailed the Canadian maps in Routis 2004 are? I'm thinking of getting a PDA soon and Routis works with both Pocket PCs and laptop. With Copilot I would have to purchase the Pocket PC version. How does Copilot 7 compare versus Routis 2004?


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        I live in Niagara Falls Ontario area... and travel to Toronto almost daily... Streets and Trips 2004 is extremely good on detailed maps... but I'm also looking at Routis for the voice Nav.... let me know what you find for Canada maps with Routis... I've heard they aren't bad... but.... that's all talk...
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          Stang: does the maps works great outside Toronto, or its only great in metropolitan areas?
          I am still thinking about getting one for me around Montreal - and I travel quite a lot around the metropolitan area here, so I need a good map software...


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            RASTANG hey!

            I live in Niagara Falls, I also have Destinator and routis I like destinator.