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best gps/software and mounting question..

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  • best gps/software and mounting question..

    i'm a newbie to the group and had a question.. (prelude: sorry if it's been asked before)..

    1. what would you all recommend is the best gps software/hardware? I am working on a carputer and want a usb connection and something that will work for north america. I have ms s&t 2004 and from what I read isn't the best software around. what antenna would ya'll recommend?

    2. my car has tinted windows... if I mounted the antenna in the rear deck (under the back window) would I be able to lock on to the sats?


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    I am also a newbie, with a similar question. So I thought I should gnome up this post rather than start another topic. It is completely unclear to me who if there is a clean leader in the software market. Its also unclear to me if there are other choices than a garmin GPS18 for a USB GPS. Garmin is possitively cryptic when asked about specs and path recomputation times, so I'm left asking the semi-pros.



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      Now to include what I've been able to search up.

      (Deluo) Routis
      (ALT Technologies) Copilot 2003/Live
      (Garmin) North America City Select
      USB Hardware:
      Relevant Thread
      (Garmin) GPS 18
      (Delorme) Earthmate
      (RoyalTek?) GPS Mouse


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        Haven't used this setup yet myself as I am on a Earthmate USB till i decide to upgrade to latest technology, but if your willing to put out cash then Try out an Emtac with the External Antenna option. Should give you superior connection quality opposed to the receiver being inside the car.

        Software: Anything that uses the Navteq (sp?) mapping database basically has the accuracy you need. so Router, Ms Mappoint are good. Destinator is good but I personally don't use it.



        Car'Puter Project
        - Xenarc 700TSV
        - MSI RS482M-IL Mobo + AMD Turion MT-32 (25W)
        - 1x 256MB Corsair XMMS DDR400
        - M2-ATX
        - Belkin 802.11G W-Nic
        - Garmin 15H GPS
        - WinXP SP2 (NLited)


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          You can also get a deluo gps mouse & routis software package HERE. That is what I did...pretty good price...