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  • Best possible sound quality....


    First I want to say that I have been reading this forum for a little bit and have so far found it incredibly useful and has answered many of my questions. With that said, my question is as follows...

    One of the primary design goals of my project is to have the BEST possible sound quality but have no head unit and instead only use a sound card. The reason for this is the fact that I can modify so many of the properties on the sound card through an interface I am writing and not have to be concerned with a headunit. My real question lies in getting the sound from the sound card to the amps. I would like to use the SoundBlaster Audigy 2ZS Platinum Pro which has center, front, rear and sub (through 1/8" connectors). I am planning on using a multiple amp configuration so would I still get good sound quality by using 1/8" to RCA converters and sending them to a line driver and then to the amps?



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