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garmin mapsource vs road star usb mouse

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  • garmin mapsource vs road star usb mouse

    I have the mapsource and a usb mouse from road star (model RN-202)

    the mapsource can't find the reciver via usb or virtual serial port

    there is somebody with similar problem or anser?

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    Do you have the reciever set to the same protocol that mapsource uses? Or have mapsource set to use the protocol that the reciever uses? Thats what I had to do to set my garmin unit up, may be the same for your usb mouse, or it could be that the USB mouse doesn't work with mapsource.
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      I have a Garmin GPS V and use mapsource that came with it. My mapsource software is locked to the GPS V serial number. Garmin required me to register the serial number of the GPS unit, then they sent me a key to unlock the software which will only work with the correct serial number of the GPS unit. I believe Mapsource uses the "GARMIN" communications format.


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        how I know what protocol use my reciver?

        I have use it only with the driver, transform it in a virtual serial port (com3) and connect at 4800bps of baud rate

        in mapsource the minimus suported us 9600bps, or there are other way?