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    Um is it just me or is there not a single difference in these two programs Mappoint and Streets and trips why the $300 vs $30 price tag.? Anyone know as well man have I tried every GPS program I think and so far routis is my favorite. But I want to throw a lsit down of what Ia hve tried and see if anyone else has any other recomendations.

    So far I have installed:

    Routis: love the voice nav but hate the lack of "places of interest"

    CoPilot 2003: Voice nav is so anoying hate the computer synth thing runs kind of clunky but lvoe the format of the palces of interest search.

    Microsoft Streets & Trips: Places of interest is a nice setup, bit harder to nav with touchscreen than other programs and colors on map are kind of ahrd to see on small lcd.

    Microsoft Mappoint: same as streets & Trips?

    Destinator: last one still need to try

    Let me know if I missed any others I missed and what your fav is and why if you want.

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    I think the difference between Mappoint and Street Atlas is that Mappoint has way more points of interest. Also, Mappoint is way better at routing. When I used to use Street Atlas I would somtimes end up in crazy places or dead ends. So far Mappoint has never led me wrong.
    But nowadays I use Routis. It is great for in-car navigation and so far in houston, TX I've had no problem with the POI's. It seems to have pretty much all the POI's that I'm interested in.
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      You two like Routis? I'm looking at getting a GPS prog for my system (once it's built -- see noob section) Is it easy to use/understand? There are a bunch of GPS progs out there and I'm not sure I want to shell out $100+ for a prog I can't/don't/won't use.

      Is there anything like with voice commands?


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        Either wait for Routis 2005 or get iguidance 2. From what I heard, they're the same. Just different branded.


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          CoPilot 7 is cool, they also have a competitor upgrade program for $100 that makes it affordable too.
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            The huge difference between Mappoint and Streets and trips is the plug-in ability. S&T does not allow any programming plug-ins, development kits, etc. Also, Mappoint has the ability to plot business information, population densities, pretty much all census type stuff. This won't help in most situations, but if you plan on using Netsumbler or anything else that wants to play with your GPS program, you won't be able to use S&T.

            As for the other ones, I wanna play with them, just don't have the time.
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