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Connect GPS-Notebook and Radio

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  • Connect GPS-Notebook and Radio

    Hello guys,

    I have got a USB-GPS device that works pretty well with my Notebook. All I want is to put my notebook's line-out signal into my radio (AIWA CDC R30MP,
    Sure, I can simply use the radio's line-in, but I want to listen to my mp3-cd's or radio-programs _and_ to the voice of my GPS software.
    Is there any way I can connect my notebook's line-out with the radio so that I can hear both, music and directions?

    Thanks alot, Alex

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    Simple answer - no

    Complicated answer yes - but not easy, sub mix the radio and the PC and drive an amp with them, its the only way I know.
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      I plan to use a symilar system as hands free cell phone kits.

      the expensive ones come with very very good speakers and microphones that can record and be heard above the stereo at low to moderate volumes. sometimes the microphone can even pick up commands without having to turn the stereo down.

      a simple system like this, maybe used in conjunction with the cell phone mute feature most radio's have, should be all that is neccesary to run GPS in a car very well while retaining the function of the stock radio.

      with a switch box you can even turn the AUX inputs on or off, for when you want to shut the external speaker off and play computer noise through your stereo.