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  • Gramin GPS to carputer

    Hi I am from INDIA and unfortunately there are no Destinator MAps for India. But There is one company here in india who is offereing this maps but are fed in GRAMIN GPS.
    the question is --- IS it possible to connect this gramin GPS to the carputer so that the map can be viewed on the 7'" lilliput display.

    or is there any solution to this
    pls help me and
    Commell LV-677 DC 6 x 6" Mother Board
    2.6 GHz; 1 Gb Ram
    120 Gb Laptop HD
    7" InDash Xenarc MTD - X7000 Screen
    Gyration Mouse ; GPS Mouse ; ELM Scan ; TPMS
    Parrot MK 6000 & iPhone
    Re done the carputer...Into the Glove Box !!

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    Yes OR No

    Yes OR No.

    Yes answer:
    If these third party maps CAN BE loaded into the Garmin Mapsource program and then transfered FROM the Garmin Mapsource Windows program to the GPS you are all set. Of course you will have no routing ability with the Mapsource will only show where you are.

    No answer (most likely this is the answer)
    If these third party maps CAN NOT be transfered to the Garmin Mapsource Windows software (as in they use their own software to transfer the maps), you will not be able to display it on a PC.

    So do you know if this 3rd party software sends the maps to the Garmin GPS or does it actually INSTALL into the Garmin Mapsource Windows software?