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cloud cover sucks

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  • cloud cover sucks

    anyone have a garmin gps 12 when the cloud cover is is not really bad but you cant see blue sky do yall have problems with it locating and taking a very long time its been flashed with the latest firm ware the garmin has maby ill just go out and buy a new unit

    im still parcial to hand helds because i do a few other things with it (other than gitting lost with it )

    any one using the garmin etrex the yellow one i say that had it for 49.00 then went to the store and of course they didnt have it


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    Whoa. That's the biggest run-on I've seen in a long time! LOL. I appologize if English is not your native tounge. Sorry....

    OK, on to your questions. I don't own a Garman GPS but have used a couple other brands. If you're having issue with locking a signal during cloudy days I would suggest getting another unit. I could just image how well (or NOT) it would work under worse coniditions like heavy rain or areas with high buildings.
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      no prob about run ons yes i am an american but im not the best on sentence building i become to lax when writing papers on the computer !!!

      the gps 12 is quite old so i may invest into a new unit soon




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        Yes, definitely invest on a new unit. I'm running on the Earthmate GPS and have no problem find Satellites even under Heavy Rain. Though, I must admit, this unit does have lock-problems at times for unknown reasons. may want to invest in one of the other cheap units.


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          Cloud cover should have no effect. Remember, GPS technology was first designed back in the 1970s to work in all weather because there was no guarentee WWIII would start on a sunny day.
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            both my garmin gps 48 and 76 lock in any weather with no problem, I did have problems with my 12 so I ditched it.
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              I have a garmin GPS 12 and it works fine, I had to mount it in view of the sky for it to work tho.
              Check out the mount I made:
              Works perfect, get a lock very quickly in all weather. Have never had a problem in tall building cover either, it may have switched to 2D nav when I was driving around, but thats not a prob for me.
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