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Best nav software for use in the UK?

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  • Best nav software for use in the UK?

    I've used TomTom before on my iPaq, but now I have a car PC I was wondering what people use for navigation here in the UK?

    CoPilot seems to look good, but I didn't want to get the software yet if anyone has any better recommendations for me to consider?

    All recommendations welcome!

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    dude, not being rude but do a search, there are loads and LOADS of threads with this exact question on......

    I use navigator, which i recon is good. However, aparently tom-tom is available for the pc too.....


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      Originally posted by Pabs
      However, aparently tom-tom is available for the pc too.....
      If it is, I'd like to know where

      I've not seen/used a better navigation product in the UK that's better than Tom-Tom!

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        tomtom is pda only
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          TomTom is excellent so the first thing I checked was to see if it was available on PC. Has anyone used CoPilot in the UK? That's what everyone seems to be using.


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            I've used both Destinator and InfoMap Navigator and both work well.

            Destinator is much better suited to a touchscreen, whilst the mapping on Navigator is of a higher quality and if used with a keyboard and mouse/trackball it is fantastic.

            I struggled with the size of some of the windows and buttons when trying to use Navigator on my 7" TS.

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              Thanks, I'll check those out. I have got a keyboard and trackball (and touchscreen) but whatever I get has got to look good on a 7" screen.