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Live weather linked to GPS ???

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  • Live weather linked to GPS ???

    Hi all:

    I'm looking for a solution to feed live weather info to a mapping software with GPS. For example, the software will display the live local weather, forecasts, satellite & radar images at my current GPS location (or the area surrouding it).

    I have looked & tested out the "Swift WX 2.0" from (a powerful tool for stormchasers) but it seems more complicate than what I'm looking for, still buggy, and it's geared toward US locations & customers too much (not worldwide). I also tried download the satellite images & remap them to OziExplorer, but that would only show the clouds or radars, but not the weather forecasts (temp., humidity, pressure etc.)

    I do have a setup for mobile internet connection (both analog & digital coverage) in the car.

    Just need the specialized software or an approach to link everything together.

    Thanks for all your contributing ideas !


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    For the homebrewer, I think that MapPoint can output the zipcode you're in. From there, it's just a matter of posting that to a weather website.
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      Thanks Chairboy ... perhaps I have to "get my hand dirty" & write a dll or plugin app in VB to do that ... Well, if there's nothing *currently available* for that purpose ...


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        I'm no longer 100% certain mappoint will output zipcode. I know that it has the info needed to do it, but I don't see it. I might be blind.
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            Thank you both hijinks21 & Chairboy:

            The postal code is very good, but applicable to North America only. Your ideas made me dig a bit deeper into MapPoint programming & I think the "GetLocation" method is probably more universal using the coordinates:


            Just still wonder if there's already solutions, since I don't want to "reinvent the wheels" ... (-:

            By the way, I heard that NavTech has already been testing their own data with weather info linked into in-car GPS systems since last year, so "In-car Weather Info System" will eventually be a popular standard in conjunction with the GPS.


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              Never mind, found it:


              This mature product is only for PDA though & quite expensive. Of course, still hope for a PC version & cheaper price for what it should worth !!! (-;

              Also a useful start on VB programming for MapPoint: