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  • Street Atlas 2005

    I noticed that Delorme came out with a new StreetAtlas and I was wondering how the new 2005 version compares to the previous 2004 and 2003 versions.

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    If the map quality is anything like the old versions, then I would stay away...
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      You could check their website to see if they have screen shots or a list of changes. Street Atlas sucks for in-car use though. Routis/iGuidance is the best I've used so far.
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        There are a few screenshots here
        and here. I don't know what the previous version maps looked like so I don't know if it's better or not.

        According to delorme, SA2005 has "IMPROVED ROAD LABELING, DIRECTIONS, AND SEARCHING".


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          Same old small-*** menus and settings. Don't get me wrong Street Atlas has it's place but it's certinaly not in a car on a 7" screen.
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            the only thing i really like about SA is that you can get the phone book(with yellow pages) on dvd and it works with the map. good for me since am on the road alot.
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              All I know is that Street Atlas 2004 doesnt run on anything smaller than 800 by 600. Like someone said above, it doesn't work well on a 7 inch screen. I wonder if they made changes in SA 2005 to run on lower resolutions, or better yet, a compact version better suited to car setups.

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                i run SA2004 on my screen. hehe. yea it's a pain sometimes but i just have it on the dual view. works decently. the placement of road labels is annoying though cause it's not on every screen