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  • phone number search?

    just the other day, i was in my friends car and he has a pioneer navi headunit. he was able to punch in the phone number of his destination and it automatically gave directions from his point to that destination. He said that any registered phone number would give an address....are there any PC based programs out there that could do this? I thought it was a fantastic idea!

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    Fantastic idea to stalk people lol

    Thats mostly the reason why u can't find out the name or address for a phone number down here cause of the possibility of stalkers or worse.
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      I think I saw in Mappoint that businesses have their phone numbers listed in their advanced information. Although I don't know if mappoint allows you to look up by phone number.
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        So, then why that Pioneer is able to do it? It seems the information kinda this is available commercially.


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          It gives you the resdiential address??
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            if such data was already complied then sure we could do it!
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              This has been talked about in this thread. There's a version of Street Atlas that does this.


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                if you can search addresses by using a Phone# i dont see why not
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                  DeLorme Street Atlas Plus ( ) includes 31 million business listings and in the comparison chart they say that you can buy residential numbers for it. It also can import from Access, so if you have a database of residential listings you can probably import it.