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  • Help needed choosing software

    So I've always wanted an in-car navigation system. First I played around with my sunroof open and holding my eTrex Vista. Then I got a reradiating box and external magentic-mount antenna. Then the other day I hooked all that up w/ a serial cable to a laptop running Delorme Street Atlas 2004. I'm really liking this and would like to continue taking this further.

    While I piece together the hardware for a proper install, I'm struggling with settling on software. There seems to be a lack of reviews. Here's what I've gathered so far:

    MS Streets & Trips: not many bells & whistles, but better maps than Delorme. Microsoft stigma, though.

    Delorme Street Atlas: Nice set of features, bad interface, outdated maps (even w/ 2005 version). This is the only one I've used so far, and while I agree it's really powerful and the feature set is nice and extensive, there are a number of quirks that really bug me and the UI lacks polish causing many things to turn into annoying speedbumps in usage.

    Route 66: not a lot of info on this

    CoPilot Live Laptop: seems to have a lot of polish, not much more info

    Destinator: extremely popular on these forums, but no more official laptop version. Independent project to make it usable on laptops but I'm very confused as to what I need to download, what I still need to pay for, and how to get it all working. A "Destinator 3 on your laptop" FAQ would be useful here. From the screenshots though the map graphics leave a lot to be desired.

    iGuidance and Routis: seem to get a lot of praise, and get lumped together as if they are the same product, which I don't understand.

    Any others I'm missing?

    My intended use would be on a car computer w/ a VGA 7" touchscreen and an externally-mounted "mouse" antenna. I would like voice navigation as well as voice-recognition for commands (a feature of Delorme's I used extensively). High-quality, accurate, up-to-date maps are very important, so I'd be interested in which programs excel here. POIs data is not important. Intelligent routing is very important, especially features like Delorme's "back on track" command (saved my *** many times). A good UI that is usable on a touchscreen is obviously important. Cost is obviously an issue but I don't want that to factor into peoples' ratings as I'd rather decide what I'm willing to pay for. And note that I live in the USA so products that have good European data but not USA won't be of much use to me.

    Any advice? Thanks!