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how do i know if waas is working

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  • how do i know if waas is working

    I have had the rikaline 6010 for about a month now and it seems to do a great job. It is supposed to have waas but i cannot tell whether or not it is working. Is there a way to find out with iguidance or the sirf demo software, i would really like to know if i'm actually getting a waas signal.

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    Not sure if it would work with your receiver but do a google search for the program called crux_view.exe (or some derivative of this name). The program allows you to control the settings of your GPS receiver. I use this program to monitor data activity on my bluetooth gps unit. It monitors your COM port for the receiver so I'm not 100% sure it would work with USB receivers.

    I would strongly warn against changing any of your receiver's settings as it may kill your unit. I changed some WAAS setting a while ago on my bluetooth unit and i had to crack it open, disconnect the battery and wait a few days before being able to reuse it.

    Also, I have heard that WAAS isn't such a great thing. Do a quick read-up at on the pros/cons of WAAS.



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      If your GPS program shows you the signal strength of the received satellite normally they would also have the satellite number labeled on each bar.

      WAAS satellite are numbered 33-51 if I remember it well. SO if you can see anything 33 and above then you are getting a WAAS. Anything below 33 are the normal ones.

      Try this software :

      On the top left of the screenshot you can see the satellite number below the blue signal bar :