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Rikaline 6010 & Delmore street atlas USA 2005

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  • Rikaline 6010 & Delmore street atlas USA 2005


    I am new in this forum and found here has a lot of great information for me. I am trying to make my laptop computer worked as a GPS. The following I will buy:
    1) power inverter
    2) mouse GPS reciever (Rikaline 6010 ) (not X5) it is really cheap
    3)Delmore Street Atlas 2005 (This is only 40 something with voice direction)

    Anybody has the experience using this setting as GPS?? Especailly, I would like to know how is Street atlas 2005? is it a software which can do a good job??

    Since, I am new in this area. I dont want to spend too much money on that. To summary, I only need to spend around 130-40 for all I mentioned above.

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    in the long run you'll regret not getting Iguidance 2 it's miles better than street atlas use. that's what i used, than turned to iguidance. never going back. it's only $99 or so.


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      I bought Street atlas 2004 about a 14 months ago... it always worked great for me. I have recently (2 months) purchased Street Atlas 2005 and have had nothing but problems with it.

      SA2005 malfunctions frequently (i have tried it on 3 different laptops), and it regulary fails to find addresses that 2004 finds with no problem. DONT BUY IT!


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        SA is ok for starting out, It's what I started out on too, but like many others, I moved to iGuidance. If you are stuck on getting SA2005, pick up a GPS mouse + software package from Delorme that way you know it all works together and you save some money (not to mention the warranty).
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