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Which mouse should I get to work with destinator

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  • Which mouse should I get to work with destinator

    I currently have ms streets and trip gps mouse but I only got it to work for a couple of minutes with destinator. After that it was searching for satellites for 15 minutes. So I am thinking about going to circuit city and exchanging it for the earthmate gps. I am just wondering which you guys think is better. I have to get it from circuit city because I don't have the cash right now to buy a different mouse and I am using my C.C. credit card. So someone please help me make this decision. Also if you know of anything that will make the MS mouse work better with destinator then please tell me. I read about sirfdemo but I have not tried that yet as I don't know if my gps can use sirf. Thank you everyone for all of the help you have given me throughout this entire install process.

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    i have the earthmate usb gps and it will work with other gps apps. Im using it right now with iguidance, and ive gotten it to work with MS S&T 2k5 and it came with Delorme Street Atlas so it naturaly works with that. I have the destinator front end, but i dont have any US maps, but i think last time i checked it recognized the gps just couldnt use it cuz i had no maps.
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