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  • GPS problems?

    I just get my mouse GPS. First, I try it on my home window. IT gives me pretty good and accurate location. However, after several mins, the signal losed and cant get back again. Anyone knows Why?
    OTher than that, sometime, it gives a wrong location coz it says I am in the open sea!
    Thanks for your opinion!

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    Try it outside. You probably don't get a good lock on a decent number of satellites just sitting in your window.


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      When I first got my GPS receiver I put it in my window and thought it was dead. It wasn't picking up ANY satellites. After my trip outside, I let it sit for about 10 min and then I can get *some* satellites now near my window.
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        ditto that... I built my own GPS receiver, and i noticed that if i dont have good satellite signal the positioning is inaccurate to say the least - sometimes it would just dump me in the middle of the ocean etc; not really good when you are trying to look for your next turn ("Right turn onto beach in 5360km").

        Since bought a new antenna and put it outside (on my boot), these things have all but disappeared.


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          Oh, and yeah... when you are trying to get first lock, best to be outside with no interference...


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            I got rikaline 6010 and i placed it at the window and saw a few sattelites instantly. But then i took it outside to my car and WOW was it fast. I now get signal almost instantly. I turn on my car boot my laptop (8-10 second boot time) open destinator and my GPS is locked on instantly. Im very impressed at the RIKALINE since it does seem to get a good signal pretty fast. I have worked with TRIMBLE GPS modems quite often since I work at this company called NEtworkcar! Gives you onboard Diagnostics and GPS security etc etc tracking. I am working on getting the Diagnostic information to display on my screen now from a Carreader unit.


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              Thanks a lot. I will give it a try outside this weekend. Hope I can get a better signal. The one I get is Rikaline 6010. IT seems the comment is pretty good!