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Problems configuring GPS-reveicer

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  • Problems configuring GPS-reveicer

    I have a Fortuna U2 USB GPS-receiver. I want to configure it for use with Destinator3. It's properly detected in D3 but it doesn't find any satellites. Here's a screenshot of SirfDemo, with which I tried to configure the receiver. NMEA is selected:

    1) I don't understand the contents of the log in this screenshot. I know that there are little differences which can mean that the receiver is not properly working.
    For those who know how to read these logs: is the receiver working properly or is there something missing/wrong ?

    2)Which protocols do I have to (de-)activate for Destinator3 ? I heard of the VTG-protocol.

    3) How can I check if they are really activated and the receiver keeps the settings ? Because I assume that it doesn't keep the changes.

    4) Any other hints how to configure the receiver ? What's important,.....?

    Thanks in advance guys .

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    I'm pretty sure it uses the GSV and GGA strings (which you already have - looks like you have them all enabled!). I can see that there are no satellites present by the looks of that GSV output though, so maybe it is an antenna problem.

    Another thing to watch out for is that with all the strings enabled, you may be transmitting more info than the 4800 baud NMEA supports. You should be able to disable a few of the strings and still make it work. Or switch to a higher baud rate (if possible)


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      Here's a site I had a link to that has some sentence information.
      The data posted seems to indicate you're not getting any satellite signals as Dominik noted. I don't know if there is anything there that gives a clue why. Has this GPS/antenna setup worked in the past? As Dominik say, it could be a reception problem and nothing to do with protocols if the GPS is reporting no signals. Assuming a 1 second update rate thats pretty typical, it doesn't look like there are enough characters between the repeating data patterns to overrun 4800 baud which should give you somewhere in the neighborhood of 480 characters per second.



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        hey there Konrad

        did u get it to work?
        i got the same model and i can't get it 2 work too

        any clues or anything would help
        93 MAZDA MX6 KLZE (sold :( )
        2005 STI :)