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MS S&T 2005 GPS receiver driver install problem...

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  • MS S&T 2005 GPS receiver driver install problem...


    I'm having problems getting the GPS receiver to install that came with the Microsoft Streets & Trips 2005. [Yes, I know it is a sub-standard program for running in a car, but I got it cheap after rebate, and thought it would be cool]. Everything was working fine for a while, but it seems that something has gone wrong with the GPS driver. I can't locate it when I go to configure the receiver. It doesn't show up on any com port, and the driver seems to be messed up some how. I tried to reinstall the driver, ie. telling the computer where it is located on the Setup CD, but it says that isn't the correct driver. I've tried everything I can think of to get it to work, but I'm just running around in circles.

    I've tried looking on the MS website for help, reinstalling Streets & Trips, rolling back my windows XP to a date where it worked, uninstalling and then reinstalling Streets and Trips, disabling things that would use the com ports, and I can't come up with any solutions. If anyone has any ideas, please help. Thanks.

  • #2've done everything I would've tried.
    At this point, if it's a usb receiver, I'd download this driver here:
    I know u shouldn't need it, as that's what's on the cd, but it's worth a try.
    Also check this, if you haven't already:
    I know it's about 3rd party, but it's the same driver, I believe.
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      you may have run into a problem that i had with mine. This is what happened to me:-
      my gps unit worked fine initially, then suddenly stopped... when i tried to reinstall the driver, it would say "USB device is malfunctioning". When i tried to reinstall the driver, it would say "specified location does not have information for the device you are installing". If you're getting the same error then maybe i have a solution ...


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        desiz - that's exactly the error message I get when I try to reinstall the driver "specified location does not have information for the device you are installing"

        muldrick - I'll try out those driver and let you guys know.

        thanks for the help


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          rdc-- here's the bad news.. u may have fried the gps ... thats what happened to mine. Mine worked fine until i pulledout a pci card from my computer while it was on which made my computer shut down abnormally. since then, whenever i would plug my gps in, it would say "usb device found" but when i gave it the driver location it would say "specified folder does not contain information for your hardware".

          I got a replacement for free and when i tried it, it worked fine. so i guess your only solution is to get a replacement under warranty.