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CoPliot Live Laptop 7 - use in Australia?

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  • CoPliot Live Laptop 7 - use in Australia?


    Anyone in Australia using CoPliot Live Laptop 7 on a carpc? What are your experiences with it?

    I am looking for a GPS solution and this seems to be the best, albeit pertty expensive.

    WH Statesman Caprice CarPC

    Mini ITX SP13000, 1GB RAM
    40GB Hitachi Laptop HDD
    Xenarc 7" Touchscreen
    Dual Super 8" LCD headrest Monitors
    Opus 150
    Holux 210 GPS Receiver

    Testing Phase :(

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    Australia GPS Copilot laptop 7

    Hey there, this may be a little late but I have a copy of copilot which i bought about a year ago and never used. Carpc project permanently on hold so just want to get rid of it. It cost $400+ (can't remember exact $). And am happy to sell for $250. Anyway, let me know if you get this.
    Mp3CAR Uninstalled - VIA EPIA DEAD!
    Subaru LIBERTY 95

    VIA EPIA-M10000 Neminiah
    120GB HD, 512MB RAM
    Pioneer 120S DVD
    PW-70A & ITPS
    Lilliput Touch
    Homemade Polycarbonate / Aluminium case
    Coming: GPS/Camera/In-dash housing/WiFi/bluetooth/TV??