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Tomtom navigator vs. iGuidance (and routis, destinator) ?

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  • Tomtom navigator vs. iGuidance (and routis, destinator) ?

    I did a search and did not see a recent thread with this exact discussion, so here goes:
    How does Tomtom Navigator compare to iGuidance, for someone planning to buy the software mainly to use on a pocketpc (Axim x50v)?

    I'm still building my carpc (based on a notebook) but that's still a month or 2 off, so I'd like to use a pure pocketpc app in the meanwhile. Tomtom navigator is $150, for just the software which is kinda expensive (I have pharos GPS mouse + bluetooth dock) so I'm wondering if it is better or worse than iGuidance. I see lots of mentions of iGuidance and Routis (discontinued?) and also Destinator, but not much of Tomtom, although from the specs and screenshots it looks comparable or better than the rivals.


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    I don't have experience with Tom Tom nor Distinator, but I have IGuidance installled on my Dell Axim x50v and Carputer. The Dell Axim is using a Belkin Bluetooth GPS receiver (works awsome) and the Carputer has a BU-303 USB GPS receiver connected. The software works pretty much the same between the two platforms. The advantage with the Dell Axim, IGuildance can read address directly from my contact list.

    Only issue I have with IGuidance is the zoom buttons are too small and it's not as touch screen friendly as some of the other GPS software.
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