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Who uses GPS for GeoCaching ???

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  • Who uses GPS for GeoCaching ???

    Who uses GPS for GeoCaching ???
    GeoCaching is where someone puts some goodies in a container and hides it.
    You post it's GPS coordinates on a GeoCaching web site with any info about special goodies.
    Then someone finds the goodies, fills out a log, leaves a goodie, goes back to the site and updates the info for that cache. Certain items are tracked around the world from continent to continent...

    I've been wanting to try it for years, even with my old Magellan Map410...

    for Geo Caching sites

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    I've done a bit of it a couple of years ago when I first got my GPS. It's a handheld unit so it's easy to take with me. Most people here seem to use GPS units that are dependant on a computer so wouldn't be able to use it to get close enough to the more "fun" caches.
    Rick S.

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