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GPS Receiver powered when PC Off

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  • GPS Receiver powered when PC Off

    Just got the GPS side of my Satnav all sorted out, and discovered that the USB GPS Receiver is still powered when the PC is turned off.

    It has a LED which is flashing and Im concerned about power drain on the battery when system is off.

    Is this normal, I never realised the USB would be powered with the system shut down.

    Im running a 90w Opus PSU. Its a USB Haicon 204e receiver.

    300zx TT Manual
    - VoomPC Case, M1-atx PSU
    - VIA EPIA MII-12000
    - 60gb slimline, 512mb, DVD/CD
    - 3G/GPRS PCMCIA Data Card
    - USB GPS receiver
    - USB WinTV FM
    - 7" VGA Touch screen
    - Pioneer Steering remote
    - Creative Extigy USB Sound

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    The usb power comes from the standby - thats how you can use your USB mouse to boot your PC. There is a very big thread on killing the USB power on shutdown but basically all you need to do is kill the standby off the opsu if it is an option or kill all power to the opus on shutdown. You are right to be concerned as it wll drain you battery if you don't use your car everyday.