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Open Source GPS navigation for Windows?

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  • Open Source GPS navigation for Windows?

    Don't really want to run windows as a final solution for my carpc -- but right now I just want to get it up and running and putting together the linux system so it works how I want it will take a bit more time....
    In the mean time...
    Is there any free / open source gps navigation software packages (something akin to gpsdrive for linux) for windows?

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    Your inluck

    works on windows AND *nix machines

    It's only for america but it does do routing to addresses

    and it has poi 2 and it's all free

    Only drawback?

    Well it will route you through a 1 way street (the map doesn't tell which way the street is)

    and also it takes 15 or so seconds to route to an address i'm not sure if it does recalculate routes if you go off course.

    Best thing for you and it's free
    CarPC Status:
    GPS: 99%
    Hardware: 99%
    Software: 92%
    Case Install: 99.9%
    Dash Install: 100%
    Car Install: 72%


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      you are my hero... and who cares about the 1 way street -- I'll make ANY street bi-directional!