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Best gps software for me ???

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  • Best gps software for me ???

    I just made my first carputer purchase , it was a usb gps mouse, thanks to many great informative posts here.

    Now I would like to purchase gps software. My requirements are for it to work now on my laptop, but be able to be used later in my carputer with a touchscreen (once I get it built and installed).

    I know copilot live 8 laptop will work on my laptop but how is it with a touch screen? Will destinator 3 work well on a latop, it seems to be made for a pda.

    Any software you want to suggest is great. I would like for it to use onscreen arrows and give verbal commands. POI are great but not at the top of my list. Of course if you know of something that works great and is cheap that is always a plus. I am located in the US. Also if you could give the best place to buy what you suggest that would help out also.


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    Since this is your first post i wll go easy on you.

    1. If you want to make posts like this then post in the newbie forum
    2. Always search first. Really the search function works quite well on this forum

    Now to answer your question. it will look fine on a 7" touchscreen. Many people including myself use copilot. IMO it has one of the best interfaces besided MapMonkey (although if you live in the USA you have switch maps so no long trips)

    Personally i use for the most part iGuidance 2. It's interface needs some work but it's functionality is awesome
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      I appreciate you going easy on me as well as your input.
      I have been searching for about a week and couldn't seem to find out about the laptop/touchscreen question. Funny enough when I posted this it listed a box of similar posts and then I found quite a bit of useful information. Sorry about the newbie post but it did help me to findout alot of useful information, just not the way I thought it would From what I've seen now iGuidance 2 does look promising!