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GPS won't allow computer to hibernate

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  • GPS won't allow computer to hibernate

    I am running Windows XP with a USB GPS unit I got from Ebay (it has no name it just says GPS Receiver, GPS Mouse, Model BU-303 USB 1.1).

    When I try to hibernate, windows says this:

    The device driver for the 'FutureDial USB-to-Serial Cable (Com4)' device is preventing the machine from entering hibernation. Please close all applications and try again. If the problem persists, you may need to update this driver.

    And it won't go into hibernate. How can I get a new driver or allow my computer to hibernate?

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    "FutureDial USB-to-Serial Cable (Com4)" is what it calls it ???

    mine is a bu-303 and many here also use them.
    Mine is called a " prolific usb to serial com port "
    Maybe you have old drivers.

    mine has no problem hibernating. Plus I use GPS-Gate to replicate the output to multiple ports


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      I used my Sprint phone to get internet on that computer. It apparently installed the Futuredial drivers. They were newer than the prolific drivers (that i found on this site) so I uninstalled the Futuredial drivers and installed the Prolific ones and now everything works great!

      Good stuff.