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  • USB Mouse in USB Hub

    I am about to buy a USB GPS and just wanted to confirm a few things before forking out the $. They are brobably obvious but just checking.

    My laptop only has 1 usb1 port so I use a 4 port Hub for touch screen etc. Do these USB gps work OK off a USB HUB.


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    Mine works fine off my unpowered 4 port hub
    Lilliput 8" Touchscreen LCD
    VIA EPIA MII-12000
    60GB 3.5" Hard Drive 5400
    512MB DDR PC2700
    DVD Drive
    802.11G Internal Wireless Card - External 5db Antenna
    100m USB Bluetooth Adapter
    Nokia N70 Phone
    GPS USB Receiver
    Centrafuse 1.6


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      so does mine
      AMD XP 2000+ 512Mb Ram MB:A-7VM400AM-RZ
      Zenarc 700TSV Netgear USB WiFi GPS Opus 150
      Running Win XP, FP, MM


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        thanks guys


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          mine started acting up when I ran wifi, bluetooth, gps and touchscreen all off an unpowered hub... just thought I would point that out...
          EPIA SP13000, 512 DDR400, Seagate 300GB, Belkin PCI 802.11g w/external antenna, Holux GM-210 GPS, XM Direct w/ serial, Dlink FM, Opus 120 p\s, Rockford P4004 amp, Xenarc 7" VGA touchscreen custom mounted in double din spot -- see pics and write up here!!


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            I have no problem with unpower hub running GPS, TS, Mouse.
            But when WiFi plugin, none of those wake up from hibernate (all the time), but work fine re-plug the hub.
            All are USB 1.1 devices (including the hub) plug into a USB2 port.
            2004 Matrix XR A7N8X-VM/400 AMD XP-M 2500+, DS-ATX
            89 Supra Turbo P3 [email protected]/Abit BE6 II, Alpine M-BUS Car2PC.
            Y2K Accord Dell GX150
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              I know this isnt the right place but I dont think you would have still been reading the thread, 'Lilliput Question' seeing as it was finished so long ago but Patrol I was wondering if you still had the schematic for the Jaycar Battery Monitor Kit KA 1683, I have bin trying with no success to get this schematic from everywhere I could think of
              Your help would be greatly appreciated