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Anyone find Nhulunbuy

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  • Anyone find Nhulunbuy

    I currently run Destinator 3 Australia map and it has Nhulunbuy NT on it, however, it seems to be out by about 20 years, and it does not state that the town is Nhulunbuy which can be a pain plotting courses.

    Can anyone running other GPS mapping software please post a screenshot of there Nhulunbuy map.

    PS, it is about 600km east of Darwin on the other side of NT.

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    Originally posted by Teknoledgi
    PS, it is about 600km east of Darwin on the other side of NT.
    600km - so just down the road in Oz terms!


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      sorry i cant find it for you, i've unhooked my carpc atm...

      BUT i can tell you that ALOT of rural areas on the D3 Australia maps are screwed up... A few places in armidale NSW (country area) are messed up, and there are roads that D3 wont navigate too, because there is no adjoining road.. Its like a road, in the middle of no-where (imagine a "road island") and D3 freaks out because it knows it exists, but wont navigate to it, because it doesnt (map wise) join any other roads, really, a pain in the a$$.

      so, dont be too deterred, D3 does freak out on the less populated roads around Oz... *sigh*
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        OZ land? do you really need roads? I thought everyone goes off road over there. ^_^;

        I guess that explains the closed circle road.