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Problem with Rikaline and MS S&T 2005

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  • Problem with Rikaline and MS S&T 2005

    Well, I have done a good bit of searching over the internet and this forum. Looks like quite a few of you have had the same problem as I do, but it gets really unclear when I search for exactly how to fix it.

    The problem I am having is as follows:
    I installed MS S&T 2005 after trying out the trial software for the 30 days they give you I decided to buy. During the trial I had slight trouble connecting to satellites with the Rikaline but the problem seemed to fix itself after a few uses. Well, now I have the full version installed and its giving me problems again. I click track my position and the status just sits at "Initializing" forever. I have gone as far as to leave it on for hours at a time to no avail.
    I know my gps reciever is working because Deluo Diagnostics is able to connect to 12 satelites(the max of the reciever) almost instantly.

    So what gives?! Some people say you have to follow a strict install pattern. Installing MS S&T first, followed by the installation of the gps reciever, well I can say that I have done this not once, but twice! Wish I could get this thing working. Or Imight just return it and get some better software.

    Thanks for the help in advance!