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No Sat Lock Inside Car With Rikaline 6010 Gps

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  • No Sat Lock Inside Car With Rikaline 6010 Gps

    i get no sat locks when my RIKALINE 6010 is postioned inside my car (vw golf mkiv), no matter what location i put it . i get at best two red signals . when i put the RIKALINE 6010 on the roof outside i get atlest 8 green locks, move it inside and they all go, untill the nice lady tells me signal too low ( d3 )
    i have tried sirf mode , removing the battery and tin foil but all have no effect. any tips would be great . does any one know where the golf mkiv have there factory fitted receivers postioned ?

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    Make sure that you're facing the top (the side with the LED) of the receiver towards the sky when mounting inside the vehicle. It works best if it has a clear view of the sky too; so through clear glass helps. Tint with metallic content can cause reception issues also.

    Mine is on the inside of my tinted rear hatch glass and I get anywhere from 6 to 9 sats.
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      have tried all windows and even with windows and boot open with the Rikaline 6010 looking stright up to the sky with no locks, take it out of the open boot and on the roof , all sats come back. i see that other vw golf/bora owners have there set ups working just fine. my golf is bog standard 1.6 se, so why me with the problems . i guess the only way to to see whats going on is to get a second recevier and test that one .


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        Do your car windows have a slight purple tint sometimes ? It looks like you have Anti-IR coating (Titane's nano particules) that block radio waves.
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          got it working . got hold of a usb extension cable and postioned the mouse right under the front windscreen. seems to like that and now get 2-3 locks inside car. still takes a wile to lock ( 5 minutes) but at least i can now use it . thanks for help


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            wow. I had the same problem with the earthmate inside my vehicles. no matter where I put them, it never got more than two or three sats. I went to the rikaline specifically so I could put it on the roof (magnetic and weatherproof) and i get locks as fast as I can start the GPS applications. I'm talking full on 8 or 9 sat locks. VERY pleased with the investment.
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              What are you using to determine the number of sat locks you are getting?
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                i am using the rikaline 6010 with iguidance 2.1 here is what worked best for me on a 4 door sedan.

                If i place the receiver on the top of the trunk i got 8+ locks everytime (but then i would have to open the trunk and put it back inside evertime i left the car so someone doesnt just go and cut the cable off)

                So i put it inside the rear window (my car has a pretty dark tint), this resulted in 4 or less locks usually 3. It worked fine, but i wanted to have more sat. locks if i could get it.

                So...i put it in the section of the rear brake light, where the window doesnt have a tint and it consistenly get 7+ satallite great!

                Moral, window tint and/or rearwindow defrost wires can reduce the satallite locks GREATLY!!!


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                  My 6010 is under the dash behind the gage cluster that the driver looks at. Getting 4-7 sats. There is no tint on a front windshield and it is completely out of view.

                  Is there a spot behind your gauge cluster to place it? there is only a piece of plastic, then the front windshield.

                  Depending on the rake of the windshield if you tuck it in deep it has a clear view to the sky.

                  Took a little of fidgeting to get it right, it went from 0 sats to 4-7 just by moving it an inch.
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