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    I found this while about today. Its a review for the Royaltek Sapphire but it has a chart of all tested GPS receivers and there cold, warm, and hot reaction times. THe test was done by

    *EDIT* Retracting the rest of my statement as to not offend anyone
    Erorus fixed the pic for me so look below for that. thanks

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    sorry for the quality of the image couldnt do much with the 200kb limit. I will email this to anyone who wants a clean version or you can go to the link posted above.


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      JPG is not optimal for text or other non-photographic data.

      Original Review
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        thanks Erorus. Did that at like 3 am. Wasnt thinking to much. Good job


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          Thanks for the usefull info!


          Before you get ME (not a newb anymore) to stfu, you'll have to do better!

          Things I find important:

          - reception quality (has something to do with start times, but certainly not everything)

          - other GPS's that haven't been tested (OEM modules)

          Thanks anyway ;-)
          List of front-ends/usefull apps
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            JS > Sorry about the statement i made. I wasnt including everyone in that. I was just looking for some good info on GPS in the forum and i saw the same question asked over and over. And when it took only a few minutes to find the answer of most those questions on google i got a little ****ed. My bad, i appologize for that. If you look again you will see i retracted my statement since i was in the wrong.

            I am still looking for the other usefull info you look at when choosing a receiver. If you have any links you would like to contribute please do so. thanks


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              i notice my pharos 360 isnt on the list.. thats a pretty popular gps to not have it on there.
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                Originally posted by Sonicxtacy02
                i notice my pharos 360 isnt on the list.. thats a pretty popular gps to not have it on there.
                No GlobalSat BT-338, no Rayming/TripNav MR-350 - so no lastest and greatest either

                By the way, are those GlobalSat / Rayming / TripNav the same company or do online vendors just mess them up?
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                  No problems man, I was just pointing out that the experiences of other mp3car members are usefull, as I don't have any info other than your list either
                  List of front-ends/usefull apps
                  XTroniC | XTroniC Direct


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                    Im been trying to read this page and i dont seem to know anything....are all those gps reciever good? what the difference between;cold;hot;warm...etc. im sorry if that a newbie question.
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                      any updated reviews?


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                        In my humble opinion there really is no need for a comparison chart like that anymore - or at least much less need for it then when the above was published (in 2005).

                        Then (early 2005) there were significant differences in performance of GPS receivers based on various chips. Today (2008) any new GPS receiver you buy has pretty much the same sensitivity and time to first fix. The differences are not as great as they used to be.


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                          As above.

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