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Holux USB GPS ?

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  • Holux USB GPS ?

    Hey guys,

    I'm fairly new to car PC, and totally new to GPS. Can anyone tell me if the Holux USB GPS reciever is any good? Looking at its price on Ebay (around $40), I cannot imagine it being too nice, but any experience? I want to mount it on the read console, underneath the window.

    If this one is bad, can anyone recommend a decent one that's affordable?

    Thanks in advance

    PS - Forgot to add, also seems to have a magnetic base and claims its waterproof...

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    I just got the Holux after my BU-303 crapped out on me. Its given me no problems so far. Its not as sleek in size as the Bu-303 and the magnet is weaker than the Bu-303 but it still sticks to the roof no problem.
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