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Proper Installation of GPS Receiver

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  • Proper Installation of GPS Receiver

    I've searched only to find a little bit of info regarding this. It'll prolly be a good sticky for us newbs.

    Anyways, I got myself a holux gm-210 (USB) unit and plugged it into my carputer. And then installed Iguidance. No luck. Forgot the drivers, duh.

    Okay now I installed the drivers and used the GPS utility that tells you some stats and info. Cool... I go to startup Iguidance and nothing.

    Alright... i figured I'd restart, and now everything's working great. Cool. I move the unit inside the car on my rear dash (its near speakers and factory amp... does that affect it?). And nothing.

    So then I the next day I take a shot at it (and move the unit back on my roof) and now nothing. Iguidance recognizes where the GPS is located (com3 for me), but it doesn't pick up any satellites.

    I checked device hardware and I've got an exclamation mark on a "Mouse Serial" something. But right below that is the "Holux GPS Receiver"

    Could that have anything to do with it?

    So with that long story out of the way... can anyone provide tips and steps on a proper GPS system installation?

    Here's a start from what I've gathered:

    -always install the drive WITHOUT the unit plugged in
    -restart the computer and then plug in the GPS unit
    -test the unit with a GPS utility program and take note of what com port the unit is located
    -install GPS software and point it to the correct com port.

    Thats all i've got so far and am still trying to get mine working properly.

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    disable the serial mouse
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      My system crashed once and I had touble reinstalling my GPS. Basically I tried again and again (uninstall then reinstall) and eventually it worked. Not sure what happend it just eventually started working. Since then I have had no trouble with it...haven't messed with it at all and it works like a charm. I was also having issues with the virtual serial port as I was using a USB Earthmate, but like I said it eventually resolved itself.
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        my earthmate did that a few times i just uninstalled all the drivers and stuff and reinstalled it all worked fine try it out tell us whats up


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          & once you get it all back together.. take a look at iGuidance GPS info to see if it's streaming NMEA data. Your TimeToFirstFix TTFF may be a good minute or two if you're waiting for the green arrow to just pop up.

          My first frustration w/ GPS was that I wasn't patient enough.

          Good luck w/ it


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            okay... i'll uninstall the device first.... then reinstall... and if that mouse serial device pops up again i'll disable it... then i'll check with iguidance's info on that NMEA data