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Delorme USB GPS & Destinator 3 Frontend

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  • Delorme USB GPS & Destinator 3 Frontend

    Whenever I hibernate my PC, the GPS stops working. I have to go to GPS STATUS->GPS Settings->Set GPS and then close the 2 windows! This is really annoying when you need to make frequent stops! Is there anything that will reset your COM ports everytime you resume from hibernate mode? I think that would fix this problem and also allow me to use my OBDII.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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        Yea, I was using it with Centrafuse, but that option seems to be disabled in Centrafuse. Is there a way around that?


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          I have a similar problem which I've not been able to solve.

          My USB GPS also has to be removed and plugged back in to work after hibernating (devcon offers a solution to this) but I want to share the serial between destinator 3 in CR 1.6 and gatso hunter.

          However with Xport I can't select a virtual com-port in the destinator drop-down list.

          And the com port isn't in destinator.ini file to manually edit.

          Any ideas? Many thanks as always.

          Sorry to dig up an old post btw, but it seemed better than starting a new one.
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