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HELP Need Drivers for Evermore GM-307 by morning!

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  • HELP Need Drivers for Evermore GM-307 by morning!

    Hey this is a long shot, but I bought an Evermore GM-307 gps off of ebay a year back and I lost the driver CD. I'm going camping in the morning I want to use my GPS as a safety net. Does anyone have the drivers?

    Description of Evermore GM-307:

    Dark Clear Green Casing
    Retangular shaped
    Chipset: EverMore BBP1202

    If you have anything that could help, post a reply and email me the files @
    curt ([at]) curtkay []dot[] com. Thank you.

    Curt Kay
    [ L ] ive. [ D ] ream. [ C ] reate.

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    It's in Norweigan, however. With my limited Norweigan translation skills (NONE!), I can make out the drivers for Win98, Win2k/XP and so on.

    FYI, that took a 15 second GOOGLE search.
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    How about the Wiki?

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      Yosemite kicked our asses, but those GPS drivers didn't work oh well. Does anyone else have the driver cdrom for the damn gps? Thanks again.

      -Curt Kay
      [ L ] ive. [ D ] ream. [ C ] reate.


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        Well maybe its not the drivers that dont work?
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          did you ever find these drivers...i tried installing this and i still cant get my computers to recognize it. dont know whats wrong with it??