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iguidane voice cracking

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  • iguidane voice cracking

    I have searched all the other forums and cannot find anyone else with this problem

    I installed media engine and then i installed iguidance 2.1, when ever the voice for the gps comes on it's not clear(cracking), I then uninstalled media engine and tried frodoplayer, but still the same problem

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    what kind of speakers do you have? how loud are you playing it? what are your system specs?

    I use iguidance and have no probelms, some times i get a sub thump from boices but thats it.
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      I have a m10k board, I'm using the onboard sound, connected to a alpine deck with the aux input, I have no other sound problems, when I'm playing mp3's it sounds great, I only have the problem when the gps voice comes on over top the music playing.


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        Give it a lozenge. Should fix it right up.

        On a serious note, check your volume settings. You might just need to turn down wave, or cd volume. I'm not sure. Does FP and iGuidance use the same settings?
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          they both have there own volume controls, I have fp set at 98 % and have tried adjusting the volume level in iguidance, but at any level on iguidance it still crackles


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            If you don't like the iGuidance voice, then you can change it by downloading NaviVoice and using its Config utility
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              it's not that i don't like the voice it's that it crackles when it comes on over the music playing, but each sound fine on there own, I can play mp3's and they sound good, or if I close frodoplayer and just use the iguidance it's fine.