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  • ResHacker and Routis

    Hello All,

    Taking cues from the IG thread, I started hacking Routis with ResHacker. I have been able to make the Pan IN and Out Buttons bigger, and they work, except that they cover some of the text. I have to work on that.

    I have also changed the Font size for all the text, and that seems to make the text bigger on the Menu (Not the top drop down menu, not yet at least) but it is acting funny. I then moded the Icons and made them bigger, BUT, they are not clickable on the entire image, and they are starting to overlap.

    I wonder if anyone else if Hacking Routis? What have you found?

    Also, is there a program or utility that can help me map out pixel locations. I would like to put my pointer on a location, and get the co ordinate so that I can move the icons to the correct location on screen.

    And last, but not least, has anyone figured out how to make the street names bigger. I can;t seem to find anything about that in the Routis EXE, but I will admit I can't program my VCR with out reading the manual. O.K., that is an exageration, but you get my drift, anything above old school Basic Programing language is like speaking Swahelee, and I know I can;t speak that.

    ...I love the French language...especially to curse with...Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperies de connards d'enculés de ta mère. You see, it's like wiping your *** with silk, I love it.

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    As far as making the street names bigger, I'm afraid I haven't found it either and don't think there is anything that will allow this. The IG guys are using a theme.ini that IG Version 2.0 recognizes, but Routis 2004 does not.

    Unfortunately, when Routis was dropped, all the goodies that IG got were dropped and no updated version came or will come.

    As far as ResHack goes, I've Reshacked mine up a bit and although it's not the prettiest in the world, I've made the buttons bigger and pretty easy to work with. Also, if you're interested, I know there is some software in development that will allow you to skin Routis and make the buttons any way you like.

    You mentioned the zoom buttons covering the street name. I think they way around that was quite simple. You have to make the buttons bigger, and make a transparent bottom part so the buttons are raised above the lettering.

    Good luck.
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