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    Ok in Queens, New York our roads are a lot weirder with numbers streets and such....I was just wondering what you guys think is a good GPS Software to use.

    I am looking between iGuidance, TomTom, Destinator3, MapPoint, Routis and MS Streets and Trips.

    What do you suggest.

    I would prefer to have voice navigation (ex: "turn right here") also MAYBE if it can say the distance to that spot.

    IS TomTom even made for Windows XP? I see its only made for Pocket pc and palms
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    1. iGuidance is a good choice

    2. TomTom will only run on PocketPC and Palm. It doesn't work on Windows platform

    3. I don't think Destinator will work on WinXP either as a navigation software

    4. MS MapPoint, just like Streets & Trips, is an excellent trip planning software. Current 2004 version doesn't include several important GPS related features which Microsoft added to their MS Streets & Trips 2005 last summer

    5. Routis 2004 was the last released version. It was the identical product as iGuidance 1.1. Currently iGuidance is in version 2.1. There is not going to be any future versions of Routis.

    6. MS Streets & Trips 2005 is good to have for POI and other searches. However the current version has no voice prompts.


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      Utah is almosta ALL numbered streets, I had a really hard time using the destinator apps when looking up streets and stuff. It just didn't work very well, it wasn't showing all of the streets. I am using Iguidance and that works really well.
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