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Garmin Ique M5 in Lilliput 7" LCD housing...crazy?

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  • Garmin Ique M5 in Lilliput 7" LCD housing...crazy?

    What is the easiest way to take a works-out-of-the-box GPS and make it fold out of the dash?....... I donno... but heres what Im thinking so far...

    Getting a "In-dash Project Housing" for the Lilliput from
    Installing a Garmin iQue cradle in there and antenna attachment.
    Then I can leave the garmin in there.. all hooked up.. ready to go..

    - Cost (Ique:$~400 + Housing:$~100 = half that of a in-dash fold out lcd/ps)
    - *10 sec* setup & storage:
    no leaving the GPS out as a "steal me" sign
    no tossing it in the glove, worring about theft
    no having to set it up, plug it in, plug in the external antenna
    no having to take it with me.... I know I'll forget

    - Why the Garmin iQue
    Its 5" H x 2.9W x 7/8 Deep, its thin enough to fit in the fold out case.
    Better user reviews then any reg pda/computer + software

    Am I missing something?
    1. I know the Garmin Ique will fit in the non-motorized LCD case... a little custom work... but.... what about buying a non-gps pda.. (which is thinner then GPS pda's) so I could use the motorized ultra-thin lcd fold out? I would have to hook up some bluetooth gps to the pda.. but.. a motorized fold out gps.. ahhhhh.
    Any ideas for improvements? anyone done this?
    1995 SL stock
    Working On: GMAT
    Given Up On: Custom motorized lcd