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  • Gpss ?

    Im trying to get my head round, which gps softwear to use in my carpc, thats now underway.

    I have two questions that I need help with.

    1. will any of the pda type sofwear work on a standard xp system, eg tom tom go etc...


    2. has anybody tried the free softwear from Ive got this but its lost me a seems good. ?

    thanks in advance for your help

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    1. No

    2. That is a website for Great Plain Stainless Steelpipes.


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      sorry the web site is

      hope thats better.

      Why No to question 1. ?

      could you please give me a little more information

      thanks to all


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        1. Not compatible, different Operating system. That's why many GPS software includes both PPC and Windows versions (I.E. IGuidance). And others sold specifically for either PPC or Windows. (Destinator, TOM TOM)

        2. Can't really try it since it doesn't have maps of my area. Software seems to only track and not navigate.

        Bad about it:
        Most likely, it doesn't stick to roads, so your location will travel on waters, through buildings, on other streets, etc.

        Does not tell you how to get to a specific destination.

        Good luck finding detail maps of your area.