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Question regarding Devcon & GPS hibernation

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  • Question regarding Devcon & GPS hibernation

    Yesterday i downloaded devcon and set an autoexec with the following info

    disable *pid_aaa0*
    enable *pid_aaa0*

    when running this .bat from the command line i read *unable to disable device without a reboot". Is there any command that would FORCE my gps mouse to disable without a reboot? Enabling works find. I try disabling thru device manager and it says the same thing. Will the restart command work the same way thie disable/enable feature does? My whole setup is done now and i resume from hibernate in about 10 secs. This is my only hurdle at this point. HELP! Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    i've used devcon to disable all sorts of USB devices and never got anythign like that
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