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Rikaline and MS Streets 05

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  • Rikaline and MS Streets 05

    the green light is on solid but the program still says initializing.. and it doesn't seem to ever connect.. i had it on for almost 10 mins.. anyone have this problem??? when i search for the gps receiver it is detected and i pick the port but same prob...

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    the green light just means its connected to the computer. Doesnt mean it can see any sats. move the gps so it has a view of the sky n see if it starts to work then Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      I'm having the same prob... So I took my laptop to the car and hooked the gps to that instead of the carputer and it links right up... I did not physically move the GPS.. Did you ever find a solution to this problem?




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        I have the Rikaline 6010 model, and have used it with S&T '05 and '06, as well as other apps. When I first bought it (from ebay), the first time I ever ran it, it took almost 30 minutes (yes, minutes) to acquire the satellite lock. After that first time, it took approx 10-20 seconds each time.

        The Rikaline supposedly has a small watch-type battery inside it, which is supposed to assist with cold-start satellite acquisition. If you've had your Rikaline for a long time, maybe the battery is getting weak.

        Aside from those points, if your model is USB (you didn't say) then make sure your USB drivers are correctly installed, and make sure that your USB/Serial bridge driver (might be slightly incorrect terminology) is functioning properly.

        [EDIT: Perhaps just try reinstalling S&T '05 and see if that fixes the issue...?]

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          Mine is also a 6010 model an as such is USB.. I've found that if I uninstall and then let Windows reinstall my USB devices from the Device Manager that it will work once.. Then after I shut it down and try again it will not work. I do not need to reinstall the USB->Serial driver to make it work although I have tried this in an attempt to make the fix persistent. I'm kind of at a loss and not sure what else to try.. Also this is not just a S&T problem.. Other GPS apps have the same issue..

          Any advice??