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Suggestions for laptop GPS (Holux)

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  • Suggestions for laptop GPS (Holux)

    Well, I was planning on installing a carputer over the summer as a project for myself, not only for entertainment, but also for OBD-II and GPS. I just got a laptop though, and am going to use that for the OBD-II and GPS for now, as I need the money for college next year.

    I am thinking of going with a bluetooth setup, as the laptop has built it bluetooth capabilites, and if I don't have to worry about wiring things (other than USB for power).

    I was thinking of using a Holux GPSlim236 Wireless GPS Receiver, and then find some software to compliment it. I have a few questions about it though:

    1. How is the battery life on it? Also, does it come with a USB cable (how long) so that the laptop can power it?

    2. Has anyone had any issues with reception with this unit?

    3. Would I be able to mount it to the roof of the car, probably in front of the sunroof, so that I could get the best reception, or would I be forced to mount it on the dash someplace? If it isn't already magnetic, I would be able to add a couple strong magnets onto the bottom of it to attach it to the roof?

    And finally, any comments from people who have thie reciever, or anyone who considered it but chose something else?
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    After a bit more searching around, I think I am going to go with the latest iGuigance for the software. It seems like it has a few small flaws, which everything does, but it seems like a solid program overall.

    So does anyone see any problems with the Holux GPSlim236 and iGuidance or should I be alright once I buy everything and get it hooked up?
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      1. ~10 hours battery life. The unit comes with a car charger and a wall charger. You may purchase an optional USB cable that can do two things for you: it will power the unit (and charge the battery at the same time), and also you may avoid using the Bluetooth connection and use direct cable connection instead. The optional USB cable is about $20)

      2. Right now (Jun 15, 2005) GPSlim236 and BT-338 are the top receivers on the market as far as reception sensitivity and quality (for car navigation). Others, based on the new SiRFstarIII chipset, will be introduced on the market soon.

      3. The unit itself has no magnet, but you may purchase an optional external antenna that does have a magnetic base. (The external antenna for GPSlim236 is about $20)

      4. iGuidance is a good choice

      5. I see no problem with the Holux GPSlim236 and iGuidance combination. I use both myself on a daily bases.