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  • maps of mexico !

    Hi everyone, im a bit stressed, im new to the whole carputer scene and ive read a lot though the forums, im from mexico and i want to install a computer on my car and my 2 main goals are music and gps, i cant seem to find any maps of mexico in any software, i know that maps can be downloaded and then the gps can read them but im not quite sure how it works, i found this site where you can download the maps so my question is, can i download this maps and put them into a software, and if so, wich software ? and if i can would it work just like a normal gps, giving directions, etc. well guys anything would be helpfull you guys are lucky cause most of you are from the us, for there to be maps in mexico like the ones you have im going to have to wait at least 20 years ! haha..