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Ps2 gps for Ipaq

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  • Ps2 gps for Ipaq

    I want to buy one of these

    but can I use a ps2 to USB adapter in the future to run it in a laptop USB?

    the adapter I have is like this

    Or can I buy the USB version GPS and use the adapter to use it with the Ipaq?

    thanks for any input,


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    No, you need the specific cable.
    The GPS uses a PS/2 type of connector, but it doesn't pass to a PS/2 port on a computer. That port doesn't have any way of receiving the type of input that the GPS sends.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Read more here.


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        you cant use your adaptor but you can use an adaptor - if you scroll down that ebay link there is a laptop diagram with a part number A-6013 which is a usb cable adaptor
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          thanks for all you help guys. I will just go with the ps2 one and be done with it.
          I have a USB mouse anyway I could always hook it up to the mouse port on any futher computer I get.


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            Any Ideas?

            the seller is GONE and the link says the the item is no longer available...WTF and no one else sells the PS2 one. Any Ideas?