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  • GPS Sensitivity

    im trying to find a gps reciever thats better than the one i alraedy have.


    - Frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz
    - C/A code: 1.023MHz chip rate
    - Channels: 12
    - Sensitivity: -170dBW

    is sensitivity better if its a higher or lower number?

    i have an igps at the moment from linitx, but it doesnt like my windscreen (2 other gps recievers ive used worked fine behind windscreen).

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    Hi Jaz,

    The most common chip in today’s GPS receivers used for car navigation is the SiRFstarIIe/LP. The tracking sensitivity of the units containing that chip is usually quoted as -172dBW (or sometimes -142dBm).

    The best what you can buy these days is a GPS receiver unit containing the newest SiRFstarIII chip which has a tracking sensitivity of -189dBW (or -159dBm).

    The tracking sensitivity number is not the only indicator of how a GPS unit performs. SiRFstarIII chip is capable of performing a much grater number of calculations per second than its predecessors.


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      do they come cheap? to be honest im lookin aroudn the 40-50 quid mark really.


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        If I had to buy something in the $40 - $50 price range today I'd go with one of these: , but you seem to already have at least one GPS unit at this moment, so perhaps you could use what you already have.


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          i think im going to buy one of these....

          the on i have just doesnt work properly at all!

          thanks for your help.