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AlwaysOn GPS - GPS via WiFi Signal

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  • AlwaysOn GPS - GPS via WiFi Signal

    This software looked like something you guys might be interested in. Just wanted to post it here to see what all your creative minds could come up with. If this is something you've already seen please disregard as I did a search on it here in the forum and found no previous threads on it.
    "Computers in the future may weigh no more than one and a half tons." - Popular Mechanics, 1949

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    When GPS signals are available we use them to map the WiFi landscape surrounding you.

    The next time you experience signal loss, AlwaysOnGPS automatically switches to WiFi positioning which provides your favorite GPS applications with an accurate GPS based data feed. Your GPS devices and applications are oblivious to the fact that Satelilte signals are obscured or unavailable.

    You will still find your way!

    Ok let me get this right...

    The sw use the good GPS signal to map the wifi position and pressumably store this info. So the next time you go around that same area without any GPS signal it then use the previously mapped wifi location?

    What if you never been to that place before and therefore no data about the wifi location? What if theres no wifi around the area? What if theres wifi around the area but no GPS signal? how can it them map the wifi properly?

    Am I not understanding this correctly?


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      Seems that is its purpose... Although it doesn't specify whether it grabs information from that specific route or from the general area that you're travelling in (for example: you're going from new york to boston and along the way it uses the raw gps coordinates lat./long. not for the specific area you're travelling in, but a more broad spectrum). Not sure, didn't really get my two bits before I posted it here but it seems that way.
      "Computers in the future may weigh no more than one and a half tons." - Popular Mechanics, 1949


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        Not sure if its even possible to grab wifi location when traveling at lets say 70mph. They almost want to copy the DGPS.

        Heres some interesting read >>>