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HELP! Which GPS Receiver should I buy??

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  • HELP! Which GPS Receiver should I buy??

    I am looking to buy my first GPS receiver. For now will use with my laprop (USB) and possibly my Ipaq via Bluetooth. I plan on building a carputer which I hope to use the receiver on that instead once all done.

    I saw some new models on Ebay with SiRF Star Chipset, but its much more expensive and only bluetooth I think.

    Anyway whats a good receiver that I can use for both USB and Bluetooth and that has good reception ?

    Any opinions are greatly appreciated

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    I got the rikaline (for my GF so she stop calling me when lost) lol and it works pretty damn good.

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      Use a search buttom.. or search under my name... NOOB


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        BR-355 look into it


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          i thought the br-355 was not bluetooth/usb I wrong?


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            I've been very happy with the Pharos repackaged by Microsoft. Purchased MS Streets and Trips with the gps. Since then, I've purchased the bluetooth adaptor and the palmtop adapter.

            MS Streets is Map software and as far as I'm concerned, not gps software. You get a line on a map (good maps), a trip tick and you see where you are. You don't get directions as you drive. The pocket streets and trips sucks. It's a cookie cutter. You have very limited map size that you can download. So you end up piecing a bunch of maps together.

            I've used the gps on iGuidance, destinator, and a few others.


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              Globalsat BR-355 USB version... i have it, and it's the best on the market right now... get it...


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                i need bluetooth also for my ipaq. unless there is someway to do it with usb


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                  Im happy with my Rand McNally serial, I get 9 out of 9 satellites locked in my rear windshield with the defrost wires.

                  I was pretty amazed by it. Not that I wouldnt get another if my budget allowed.
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                    today i got holux gm210 gps usb receiver bought it from ebay for 44 euros contracting shipment cost. original price was about 31$

                    i use it via mapmonkey having nice results...

                    technical info about the receiver says accuracy less than 5meters for 95% of time...


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                      you can get a data cable to get the BR-355 to work with your ipaq. check this page.
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                        i have the ipaq 6315 which does not work with it thats why i need bluetooth. Supposedly this ipaq does not support serial connections