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Help with iGuidance v2.1, please.. and my opinion comparing it to Garmin nRoute

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  • Help with iGuidance v2.1, please.. and my opinion comparing it to Garmin nRoute

    I just got iGuidance and so far i love it. I've been using Garmin nRoute that came with Garmin18 USB and love that software also.

    I have some questions about iGuidance
    1. Is it possible to change road thickness in 3D? I know and already changed road thickness in 2D and would be great to do the same in 3D.

    2. Is there a way to make the map show the name of the cross street ahead of you ?(the one you are about to pass by) like in Garmin nRoute, big information bar on top will show this street name.

    3. Is there a way to make it show all favorites on the map?

    Comparision iGuidance vs Garmin nRoute
    nRoute's advantages:
    - it show cross street name ahead of you and also street you are on.
    - name of the streets are placed near the street you are on! that make it easy to read the map. My iGuidance always place street names far to the left or right of the screen, whenever i want to read the name i have to move my eyes around to find it.
    - all information you want is there in one window and you can hide some info that you dont need.
    - map in direction mode is zoomed automatically to show the whole part of that step. This is useful when you drive long distance. iGuidance will keep showing the same zoom level.
    - Price! for about the same price as iGuidance, you also get receiver.

    iGuidance's advantage:
    - search engine! i can now find any address i want with it! nRoute sucks when it come to search the address and locations.
    - can be used with any GPS receiver! Garmin nRoute will only work with Garmin receiver.
    - interface is designed to be used easily with touchscreen monitor.

    nRoute is good if you have access to mouse and keyboard and love to drive around and always want to know where you are (not using direction)

    iGuidance is the best of the two, it's the best software i've tried to be used in direction mode; easy to understand interface, nice voice alert. Not bad to be used when you want to drive around also.

    Thank you in advance for any comment and answer to my 3 questions above

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    Check out this long post

    You can customize a lot features in IGuidance you will need to create a theme.ini file and find the info needed in the other post. That will let you change text size and road thickness.

    You can also change you the arrow icon and the size of the zoom button with Resource Hacker.

    Not sure about showing cross streets, You might be able to do something like that with 0L33L zoom tool if you could work out where the info is displayed in the same place.

    Here is a screenshot of my setup.
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      yes, i've read that posts but only find a way to change road thickness in 2D mode.